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Baikal is a four-seat family boal designed for river trips; it can be used as a flatboal with oars, fishing boat, hunting boat or an ideal rowing boat for short trips.
Baikal is a spacious boat which can comfortably hold tour passengers and baggage for river trips lasting several days. The Baikal Flatboal is equipped with anti-slip waterproof plywood seats enabling the boaters to sit comfortably during long trips as well as during paddling or rowing. It is recommended to use medium canoe paddles with a length of 150*160 cm. Even a single rower is able to propel Ihe Baikal Flatboal. Reliable oar attachments oarlocks are made of stainless steel and can be ordered as extra accessory; the same applies to a pair of folding oars with a length of 190 cm.
The Baikal Flatboal is equipped wilh a pair of mesh pockets attached to the inner sides of sidewall cylinders. These pockets can hold small objects necessary during the trip; the position of the pockets in the boal can be adjusted at your convenience.

Recommended accessories:

Type 505 Allround
canoe paddle.
pair of folding oars, oar
attachments - oarlocks,
fishing rod holder.
tehnički podaci
dužina (cm)
širina (cm)
unutarnja širina (cm)
promjer rubnih zračnica (cm)
broj zračnih komora
3 + 2
dimenzije sklopljenog čamca (cm)
neto težina (kg)
maksimalno opterećenje (kg)
maksimalan broj osoba
maksimalan pritisak (MPa /Bar /PSI)
0.02 / 0.2 / 3.0
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