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The UZC boat can be used in three basc versions: without equipment - as a raft with self-bailing bottom lor overcoming difficult sections of rivers, or as a boat with an outboard motor, and finally, as a fully fit ted-out boat lor professional purposes.

1 - UZC Raft
Equipment: raft + 2 thwarts, transport bag, 2 paddles, bailing opening filter, loot pump, pressure gauge, valve adaptor, valve wrench and repair kit.

2 - UZC Basic version
The basic fitting includes the UZC rait plus a set of floor-boards and
a motor mount for an outboard motor.

3 - UZC Complete version
The UZC is allowed to mount motors with a maximum power output of up to 40 HP. With powerful outboard motor exceeding 30 HP, we recommend the use of a front steering console with a seal. A boat equipped in this way can safely be controlled even at high speeds or with maximum loads. The complete version consists of the basic version plus a rear console with electrical installation and light rack, front steering console with seat, gear control levers, trailer for transporting the boat, boat cover, and accumulator, For the complete versions of these boats, fitting out with motors and front steering elements is performed exclusively by the manufacturer. Motors, fuel tanks and remote control units can be ordered separately as part of the boat delivery package.

Is a universal boat suitable for use by rescue workers, firemen, ihe military, or expeditions. The philosophy behind its concepl is based on the proven Pulsar line. The unique design of the UZC allows the fitting of a motor mount enabling the mounting of a motor as well as other equipment, e. g. a front steering console, a console with searchlights, or a solid deck. Through the combination of various elements, the boat can be adapted to meet a wide range of requirements as well as the most varied conditions and situations in which it is to be used.

UZC 440 is specially designed to be used especially during floods and environmental emergencies tor the rescue and transport of people or material. It can also be used as a work-platform for divers or as a military engineers' boat, also in repairing bridges and other water structures, as well as an expedition boat with an alternative motor drive.

Recommended accessories:

Trailer, protective boat tarpaulin, suspension system to be used with helicopters or cranes. Jumbo pump, Makita electrical turbo-pump, hose fitted with a reduction valve tor inflation from pressurised bottles. 6 kg anchor, accumulator. accumulator charger, accumulator container, etc.

Material used

VALMEX 7323 - Panama polyester fabric with double-sided PVC coating. 1,200 g/m2, tensile strength 4.000 N (5x20 (m). 1.100 Dtex

The greatest advantage of the UZC is its versatility of use. A single raft can be used for training crews on Whitewater, or as a motor-powered boat for emergencies on water surfaces. The UZC finds its most frequent employment in rescue service duties with firemen, the army, or the police. The rear console of this boat can carry lighting and all other equipment required for more demanding operations and utility works.

tehnički podaci
dužina (cm)
širina (cm)
promjer rubnih zračnica (cm)
broj zračnih komora
5 + 2
dimenzije pakiranja (cm) 90 x 70 x 40
maksimalno opterećenje (kg)
maksimalan broj osoba
maks. broj osoba s motornim pog onom
težina čamca (kg)
težina čamca - osnovna verzija (kg) 83
težina čamca - kompletna verzija (kg) 133
maksimalan pritisak
(MPa /Bar /PSI)
0.025 / 0.25 / 3.70
dimenzije pakiranja (cm)
70 x 60 x 35
maks. dozvoljen motorni pogon 29 kW, 40 ks

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